What is a Russia tourist visa?

Russia tourist visa is issued to travellers entering the Russian Federation for a short-term stay or tourism purposes (e.g. cultural events, excursions, sightseeing) on the base of a confirmation that the foreign tourist is going to be hosted by a Russian tour operator. 

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It can also be issued if you go to Russia to conduct brief business negotiations, attend exhibitions, auctions and medical consultations or examinations. In such cases, "tourism with a special purpose" should be put in the field 'purpose of visa'.
This type of visa can be valid for max. 30 days with single or double entry. 
Note: Double entry visa is only issued when the visitors plan to visit other states neighboring Russia during their visit to the country (the “near abroad” (CIS, Baltic states)) or states from which they will return through Russian territory (e.g. China or Mongolia). The route must be stated on tourist voucher issued by the Russian organization hosting the tourist.

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